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Strange Horizons has extended its fall fund drive. This is a tough time for a lot of organizations that rely on donations from the community for their financial support; after the terrible events of the last year (the tsunami, hurricane Katrina, the Pakistan earthquake), most generous souls are suffering from donor fatigue, and may well have given all that they can possibly afford. We of course understand that, and if you've given all you can this year, to whatever cause, thank you.

But if you have a few more pennies to spare, and if you love science fiction and fantasy, magical realism, ghost stories, poetry and articles and columns and reviews -- everything that Strange Horizons offers, every week, for free -- then please consider supporting the magazine and becoming a member (or renewing your membership). Just a $25 donation will make you a member, give you a beautiful collectible membership card, discounts on SH anthologies, and enter you in the prize drawing (and I'll tell you a secret -- usually at least half the people who donate get a fabulous prize, because we have so many generous prize donors among our authors and artists). Becoming a member will also provide you with many warm fuzzies.

Another nice benefit to donating to publications like Strange Horizons is that you can see very concretely what the results of your donation are -- if they make it to the top of that rocket ship, they happily keep publishing for another year, and you get to keep stealing time at work on Monday mornings to read some wonderful stuff. All of the staff are volunteers, so you know that every penny sent in goes directly to paying authors and artists for material and maintaining the website.

Even if you can only manage $5, please consider donating. Five years in, I think SH is a better magazine than ever, doing great things for the field, publishing some of the most exciting new writers and helping them reach an appreciate audience. We publish more speculative poetry than any other publication. We have columns by Matt Cheney and others, and more reviews (both short and long) than you can shake a stick at. Strange Horizons relies on the support of readers just like you, so please, if you can, stop by and donate. Thanks.

Donations are tax-deductible.

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