I went to bed early last…

I went to bed early last night, exhausted. Tried to read a little first, but my eyes kept closing. If I'm going to make it through the madness of next week (we have houseguests every night from Monday onwards through the weekend of the festival, sometimes multiple, often changing), I think I'm going to have to spend at least one day this weekend just sleeping.

There are several things I really have to get done today -- revise the last chapter of the novel, prep for the class I'm teaching, exercise (I've gained two pounds in the last few weeks of marathon chair-sitting and ordering take-out, sigh). Sometimes deadlines motivate me -- mostly they do -- but sometimes I just slide into this 'too much to do' mode where I can't seem to bring myself to focus, and I end up re-reading old favorite books or watching tv instead. Hopefully I can manage to avoid that today.

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