The trees are changing…

The trees are changing color outside my window. If I ignore the power lines, I have a lovely view of a tree slipping into a dress of chartreuse, honey, dark gold. You wouldn't think those colors would go together, but they work perfectly. The air is slightly crisp, but not enough to make you want to huddle under the covers. Just enough of a chill that you sleep deeply, and rise refreshed. This air is enticing, whispering of great plans and projects afoot, exciting new ventures.

No, I'm not planning on any new ventures myself. :-) I'll be happy to finish off some of the old ventures.

This morning, I've been working on some odds and ends of Kriti stuff. By 10, I hope to settle down to writing, finishing revisions on chapter 22 and then going on to chapter 23. I had hoped to get Marjorie the novel by Wednesday, but I think it's going to slip to Thursday. S'okay.

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