Okay, I realize this is…

Okay, I realize this is minor news with the Libby indictment and everything else happening at the national level, but I was pleased to see that George Takei has come out as gay. I mean, I still have a crush on Sulu, but that can carry on just fine regardless of the orientation of the actor playing Sulu. :-) Apparently Takei and his partner have been together for 18 years, so I imagine lots of people already knew about this, but I didn't. Maybe I'm just obtuse. Very charming photo of him in that story, btw.

And while we're looking at the news, Happy 5th Anniversary, Space Station! Keeping my fingers crossed that you continue to survive, and still hoping I get the chance to visit someday...

In my world, I've been chained to my chair all day, slogging through revisions. Almost done with implementing Bob's and Kevin's notes to parts II and III. Still need to incorporate Thida's, and hopefully revise chapter 18 today. If I stay on schedule, I'll be sending out Part IV over the weekend for super-speedy comments. :-)

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  1. Thanks for the space station link. Am I the only person who thinks it should be called Spacce Station Gamma, since Skylab was firrst and Mir second?

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