Huh. Okay, I know the…

Huh. Okay, I know the gods didn't do this for me. But I just checked e-mail and found that 'due to a power failure, all Schaumburg campus day and evening classes will be cancelled today.' Which saves me two-to-three hours travel time, plus three hours class time, plus two hours office hours. (In theory, I can work during office hours, but it's hard to settle down to writing in that amount of time, esp. since I also need to get and eat dinner then.) That's all writing time now.

This is not great for my class, of course -- they have a paper due next week that I think I'd best push off another week, and we're going to lose some class time. But I have to say, if we were going to have a class cancelled due to circumstances beyond my control, this week was pretty much the perfect time for it to happen.

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