Last night I sent out an…

Last night I sent out an e-mail asking panelists to send in their photos for the website and program book, and telling them they could mail us flyers for packet stuffing. We've started selling tickets to the fancy private dinner with Chitra Divakaruni. We've printed pretty promotional postcards and flyers. We have about 175 people pre-registered, and more signing up every day. CHF tells us that more than 300 additional folks have signed up through them for Chitra's keynote speech. It's all starting to feel real. We're throwing a literary festival. Weird.

I did a bit of revision this morning; more to do. This afternoon, work on Vermont students, which will undoubtedly spill over into tomorrow. This evening, I may actually go see Mirrormask with Shannon; I feel a bit guilty about going to see a movie, but it's here so briefly, and I want to support Neil, and I don't think so well in the evening anyway, so it's not really doing my students or my book justice to try to work on it then.

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