The last few days, I’ve…

The last few days, I've had Kevin turning off the internet for me when he goes to bed, so that I'm not tempted in the morning. I didn't have him do it last night, because I had to upload some files for classes this morning (which I haven't done yet). And sure enough, I've been fiddling around on the net for hours, not writing. I did feel like I needed a small break; it's weird, how your brain gets tired. Or full, or something. I wonder how med students do it; listening to my sisters, it sounded like they spent ridiculous amounts of time studying. Maybe you need to get in training for that kind of sustained mental activity? Or maybe I'm just flighty by nature. I do a little work, I get up and wander around. I clean something. I do a little more work. I eat something. And so on.

I did do half of chapter 7 yesterday, writing three new scenes. Let's see if I can finish it today.

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  1. I’m reminded of the Far Side cartoon where a kid in a classroom raises his hand and asks the teacher if he can be excused because his brain is full. I often feel that way at academic conferences.

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