I really did a pathetic…

I really did a pathetic job of describing the wedding, didn't I? Sorry -- blame it on the travel fatigue and general lack of brain.

In retrospect, the most memorable element was Heather, who looked stunning and sexy and gorgeous and blissfully happy. Tim looked nice too. :-) The bridesmaids (Susan, Jenn, Holly) were all lovely, in simple royal blue off-the-shoulder gowns. I kept expecting the dresses to fall off, since I couldn't tell what was holding them up, but no such luck.

I was wearing a ridiculously indulgent white sweater (along with other clothes, yes) which I can't properly describe -- lots of lace and beading at collar and sleeves, very romantic in style. I stopped at Anthropologie a few months back to try to find a dressy black top, something simple, and walked out with this froth of lace and fluff instead, because I'd just fallen hopelessly in love with it. (And it was on clearance. :-) I was afraid I'd never have an appropriate event to wear it to and it would languish in the back of my closet, but Heather's wedding was perfect. The sweater shed all over Jed's and David's jackets, but one must pay a price for beauty... :-)

The site was lovely, full of old and splendid trees, and the air was pleasantly crisp, surprisingly autumnal for the Bay Area. One of the nicest elements were the children (age five and under) -- Leo and Terry, Aleister, Theodora. At various points, all three boys were manfully trying to chase the one girl through the room, but this involved a fair bit of falling on Aleister's part. She was just too much for him. Being two years older might have helped.

The dancing was tremendous fun, but I think I said that already. The cake was an extravaganza (and I must now shamefacedly admit to stealing a bit of chocolate off the back when we were helping set up the tables, but I swear you couldn't tell) and the rest of the food was yummy. I ate too much cheese, but it was so good. I got to meet Heather's mom, Linda, who I've been reading comments from in Heather's journal for years, and she was very lovely and clearly a possessor of excellent taste, since she told me she had just started reading my book. There were too many old friends to name them all, but it was especially nice to see Susan and Cadir, Karen, Jenn, Ian and El, Greg, and of course the children, who are turning more and more into real people with every passing day.

Really, it was everything a wedding ought to be. Nice job, guys.

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