Monday did not go so…

Monday did not go so well; afternoon meltdown. But I did make it to class, and class itself went well, I think.

Today, no meltdown, so we have to call it a good day. And I stayed on schedule with my to-do list, finishing everything that was critical (except for failing to get through to my old doctor's office to pick up my ultrasounds to give to new, better doctor, argh, but it's their fault for not answering their damn phone -- I tried, Kevin tried, I tried again. Hopefully tomorrow). Best accomplishment for today -- finally opening a bank account for DesiLit, so that when they need to write checks to authors, they can write them directly. Is good. Takeout Thai food also good. Shumai. Green curry. Good.

So tired.

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  1. The apparent inability of this doctor’s office to attend to patients’ needs is just one more reason to be glad to be rid of them…. Upwards and onwards to better service, and better care.

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