I got Kevin World of…

I got Kevin World of Warcraft for his birthday. He played it while I was away this weekend, and informed me when I got back that it really would be more fun if I played too. So yesterday, I worked all day, my mood improving steadily as I got things done (not writing, but important e-mail), had tea with Sophia at 6-ish and gave her the materials she needed to promote Kriti at the IWL conference this weekend, exercised (which improved my mood mightily), and at 8ish, settled in to play for three hours. And oh, it is just as addictive as promised.

I'm playing a free trial, so I don't know if this character will last past the first ten days. And this evening I'll be at my sister's, and tomorrow evening I teach, and Friday evening I'll be spending time with Nilofer, so I'm not sure when I'll play again. But y'know, if you're on and want to come by the Den and say hi, I'm the blue-skinned troll mage. I think my name is Khaviji. :-)

6 thoughts on “I got Kevin World of…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Stag-something? Also, because Kevin was sleeping and the addiction took me, I spent an hour this morning playing a new character, a human paladin named Sandre, I think. Same realm. 🙂

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Good to know. Right now, I’m mostly just frustrated because my stupid paladin can’t find the stupid bell tower at the abbey. I swear I’ve wandered over every inch of that building, inside and out, and I can’t figure out how to get to the bell tower. Sometimes computer games make me feel very dumb.

    Also queasy. After spinning around for half an hour in that abbey, I had to turn off the game and go back to writing. 🙂

  3. The main room of Northshire Abbey has a sort of spiral ramp/stairway that encircles it and climbs up into the bell tower (which looks like an attic).

    I warned you not to get it, it would eat your life, and you got it anyway! Motion sickness might be a blessing in disguise here; it’ll prevent you from playing it for many hours at a time ….

    I’m pretty invested in the Aggramar realm so you won’t run into any of my characters, alas.

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