Lately, we’ve had a few…

Lately, we've had a few visitors to our new place, and I've given them the tour. Main kitchen-dining-living room on the first floor. Our bedroom, Kev's study, and the tv/guest room on the second floor. And more than one person has asked, "But where's your study?" With, in a few cases, a clear hint of 'isn't it typical that the man gets the study...' They want to make me read A Room of One's Own. Kevin does like his study muchly, likes being able to close the door. He seems to think better that way. And I can certainly understand why my guests might think that I'd want that too, but in fact, I could've had a separate study if I wanted one here. One of those little upstairs rooms could've been all mine, with a door that closes. Ms. Woolf would have approved.

But the truth is, I said 'no' to the room of my own. I'm blissfully happy with my nook down on the first floor, this wide open space, big enough that I can breathe. With my desk in a corner, piled high with papers, my comfy chair (now with lap desk!), my endless cups of tea. On days like today, the sun pours through the western windows, flattering the brilliantly-patterned persian rug, the various woods (teak and rosewood and elm, Brazilian cherry and Belgian oak), the warm red wall. The lilies Natan brought me yesterday are slowly, gorgeously opening on the kitchen island, their clear glass vase crisp against the black granite. I'm surrounded by tall wood bookshelves filled with my favorite books.

Kev's colleague David understood. He took the tour, came downstairs again and said, "Well, Kevin got a little room for his study -- you got the big one!" Yup. And it's glorious.

As I sit here working on this Labor Day, this day created to celebrate the worth and dignity of the American worker, I just want to take a moment to say to all of you who work at home, in whatever creative endeavor -- may you someday have a room of your own. In whatever shape best suits you. :-)

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