Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Slow start today; woke up at 5, but was exhausted and couldn't bear to get out of bed. So I just stayed there, drifting in and out of a very complicated dream that involved me breaking into a bank and stealing some emeralds, then, while stopped by a police blockade, being stopped by some mob guys and given a package to deliver at the next stop sign, but I didn't -- the interesting thing is that the dream bifurcated at that point. In one track, I took the opportunity to go to the police and hand over both the package and the emeralds, pinning the bank robbery on the mob guys, agreeing to help the cops catch the bad guys, and hoping that the police would protect me from their wrath. In the other path, I killed the mob guys when they weren't expecting it, and then laid low with the rest of their gang, threatening to kill them too if they turned me in. In the morning, I split the emeralds 50/50 with them, but didn't tell them about the other package. I have no idea what was in the other package. One could argue that my subconscious doesn't know if I want to be a hero or a villain...

This is what happens when I avoid my real writing. My dreams get complicated.

Tons of work to do in the next three days, so I must stop gabbling and do it. But I'll briefly note an aid to productivity, in case it's of help to others. I tend to spend a lot of time sitting in my armchair, working with my laptop on my lap. Kevin bought a lap desk from Levenger for his chair, and found that it didn't suit the arms of it, so he passed the desk on to me. And it's great! I never would have bought one of them, thinking they seemed pretty pointless. It's just a piece of plywood (and the more carpentry-minded about you can probably make something similar with a quick visit to Home Depot). But the main advantage is that they keep the bottom of the laptop from burning my legs. Okay, not actually burning, but getting hot enough to be uncomfortable pretty quickly and leading me to do things like perch the computer on an armrest, which is not so stable and very non-ergonomic. I think the lap desk may actually be somewhat more ergonomic than sitting on my lap too. The wood is smooth and pleasant to the touch. So for those of you who type in armchairs, I recommend it. :-)

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  1. When I first got my laptop (toshiba) I used it either on my lap (hot) or flat on the table. Pretty soon, the motherboard went bye bye, and I suspect that heat stress due to reduced air flow was at least partially to blame…

  2. Oh, yeah- the point of my story- I now use a little device underneath my computer that lifts it up to improve air flow and also puts it at a slightly more comfortable angle to work on. Cheap, and made of the same sort of stuff that mouse pads are made of, only a bit stiffer.

  3. Wow, even we mathematicians rarely have bifurcated dreams. Have you written too many “choose your own adventure” type books?

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