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Okay, I'm bewildered. Through strange links (due to Tim Pratt), I found myself on Amazon's Japan page, where I found a new book by me! I think it's maybe the German edition of Bodies in Motion? It says Kindler on the cover, which is my German publisher. But not sure. U.S. Amazon doesn't have it. I am so confused! At least the cover is pretty, though I'm not sure what it has to do with the book...

Aha! Amazon UK has it, and on a more easily readable page. Umm...but wait. It doesn't actually tell me much more. Except that it's a hardcover coming out in September. September? I thought the German edition wasn't coming out 'til December. Oh, so confused...

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  1. I did some googling around and found this, which looks like Kindler Verlag’s winter catalog. I’m pretty sure it’s Bodies in Motion, because they describe it as “Poetisch und sinnlich — eine Familiengeschichte in der Tradition von Arundhati Roy.” (Google’s translator apparently doesn’t know the word “sinnlich,” but apparently it means “sensuous.”)

    So vielfltig wie die Menschen sind die Gesichter der Liebe: Ein Vater in Sri Lanka entlsst seine talentierte Tochter in die Freiheit des Westens. Eine hochbegabte Studentin gibt ihre Karriere fr eine groe eigene Familie auf. Eine Frau glht in Leidenschaft fr ihre schne Schwgerin und heiratet nie. Ein Mann geht eine arrangierte Ehe ein und kehrt doch zu seiner Geliebten
    zurck, als sie ihn braucht.

    All diese Entscheidungsmomente fangen ganz unterschiedliche Formen der Liebe ein. Sie verbinden sich zur Geschichte zweier Familien im Spannungsfeld von Ost und West, Heimat und Neuland, Tradition und Sinnlichkeit.

    Or, in other words:

    As humans the faces of the love are as various: A father in Sri Lanka dismisses his talentierte daughter into the liberty of the west. A high-talented student gives her career up for a large own family. A woman glows in passion for her beautiful sister-in-law and never marries. A man dies an arranged marriage and returns nevertheless to his loving, when she needs him.

    All these decision moments catch completely different forms of the love. They are connected for the history of two families in the area of conflict of east and west, homeland and new ground, tradition and sinnlichkeit.

    Doesn’t sound too bad. 🙂

  2. “Stories of love are as many-sided as humans themselves. A father in Sri Lanka lets his talented daughter enter the freedoms of the west. A highly talented student gives up her career to have a large family of her own. A woman throbs with passion for her sister-in-law, and never marries. A man enters an arranged marriage, but returns to his beloved when she needs him. All of these moments of decision capture very differnet kinds of love. They are tied to the stories of two families, on a stage crossing east and west, home and abroad, tradition and sensuality.”

    The title is literally “Love-seekers,” but “suchende” also has connotations of “suechtig,” addicted.

    All that said, that google translator’s pretty good.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Thanks for the translation, MP, much appreciated. Any idea why they changed the title? Does “Bodies in Motion” not translate well into German?

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