Hmm…I just noticed…

Hmm...I just noticed that they've added a search-inside-the-book feature for BiM -- wonder how long that's been there? You can now read the first few pages of the book, which is nice -- I didn't feel like I could justify adding that story to the ones already on my site yet, so this will hopefully give readers who don't like reading bits in the middle an opportunity to sample the book.

Speaking of Amazon, if there are any of you out there who have read the book and have nice things to say about it, please please please do write an Amazon review. My agent is convinced that there's someone out there with a grudge against me because it seems like every time someone posts a nice review, it's immediately followed by a one-star slam. He thinks it's the same person every time, with different logins. I'm not as sure of it as he is (in part because I don't actually know of any enemies out there), but it sure would be nice to see those one-star reviews scroll way far down to the bottom of the page, under a heap of positive reviews.

I've been trying to figure out what makes a helpful Amazon review, the kind that readers will rate as useful. I think specifics about what you liked or didn't like about the book (i.e., the language, or the descriptions of food, or particular stories or characters) probably help a lot. No one's expecting critical insight in Amazon reviews, or fancy prose -- just plain-speaking is plenty, I think.

Though I admit, every once in a while a reviewer there will say something lovely. "Each generalization, just as it is about to be reified, is undone by individuality. " I think that's my favorite Amazon comment on the book so far.

4 thoughts on “Hmm…I just noticed…”

  1. I actually started working on a review before I read this. But I’ll release it tomorrow. I wrote it between holding Little T and nursing a maimed salamander, so I need to let it sit overnight. Maybe tomorrow will be less busy. Yeah, right.

    C and I have discussed the possibility you have an enemy, because the slams seem rather too pointed and personal. Most Amazon pans don’t mention the author’s other works. Why read more of something you hate? Don’t let the turkeys get you down! Hugs!

  2. You definitely DO have an enemy there. two of the reviews are from people writing their first review. and even the styles are similar. ignore them. people who have half a clue will too


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