Friday evening I went to…

Friday evening I went to Lakshmi's and helped make signs and other decorations for today's event -- India's Independence Day Parades, where SAPAC was sharing a float with Building Bridges, an organization that I believe works to foster religious tolerance (though I can't find a website for them to confirm that). Today, I marched in the parade, carried signs, handed out flyers, ate samosas, dripped sweat, didn't get any writing done, but at least felt like I accomplished something worthwhile.

Hopefully we gained a little more visibility for SAPAC in the community up on Devon, which may lead to all sorts of good things.

Photos courtesy Shashi Menon.

Our float, with Asim and Huzefa manfully carrying the banner.

Aparna, happy.

Lakshmi, with two random children and fabulous independence headband.

Sujata and unknown but lovely woman in red.

Me, marching.

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