Home again, yay! My…

Home again, yay! My flowers are exuberant, my patio furniture is finally here so I can sit on the roof in the evening and read by candlelight, which is what I did yesterday when I staggered off my plane. I was exhausted and mopey for no good reason, and Kevin tried to cheer me up by asking how could I possibly not be happy, when I had cuddling, and flowers, and candles, and a book with a dragon on the cover, and a strong breeze. And I laughed and admitted that yes, I should be happy, and not long after, I was.

I haven't had a chance to write about my tour yet, which is really mostly quiet and pleasant and unexciting, except for being stuck on a plane for three extra hours yesterday, waiting for permission to take off because of bad weather in Chicago. I ate their sad little extra bag of tortilla chips. I wrote until my battery ran out, then read until I finished my book. Luckily, I had bought an extra paperback (Eragon) in the airport just before, just in case. Paranoia pays off. But aside from that bit of unadulterated misery (my lower back was dying), the tour has really been just fine so far. Nice crowds of at least thirty people at almost every reading, attentive audiences, good questions, visiting time with friends, and while I didn't get enough sleep in San Francisco, I got tons of sleep in New York, so I'm feeling reasonably sane.

Not like this poor suffering bastard. :-)

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