Did a revision of the…

Did a revision of the short erotica story, now entitled "The Marrying Kind," and sent it to Duncan. Feel like the ending needs one more pass, at least -- not thrilled with the phrasing. But like the rest of it pretty good. Leilani (one of my favorite characters from BiM), in her 30s, a fairly confused time of her life. Sent it out to the readers' list as well, for comments.

The more exciting news is that I just got a call from the thesis office that after much rigmarole and madness (one might even say fury, if one were less tactful), they have finally decided that they have all the paperwork they need from me, and have signed off on my graduating. And having now checked with the graduation office, I can confirm that my doctorate has been approved, and I am really truly finally Dr. Mary Anne.

Yay, me. :-)

11 thoughts on “Did a revision of the…”

  1. Congrats, Dr. Mohanraj!

    Also, I’m so glad that you’ve done another story with Lakshmi (bet I mispelled it). I love that you continue with the characters from BiM.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Belated thanks, everyone. And Tenille, I’m happy to be working with these characters too. In fact, I’m getting a little obsessed with these families; I may be working with them for a long, long time…

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