Revisions are proceeding…

Revisions are proceeding apace. The prologue is now chapter 1, and is entirely Shefali. Chapter 2 introduces Roshan, and chapter 3 introduces Gabriel. I suppose that might set up readers to expect another new character in chapter 4, but that's too bad for them, because there won't be. I made some fairly major changes to the first few chapters; I think 4 will mostly stand as is, with minor edits for consistency, for now. My current plan is to do those minor edits, and then work on the short story I have due today (same world, different era, Leilani in her early thirties). Once that's done, exercise, and then if I still have energy, do a quick revise of the whole of part I (roughly 40,000 words, I think) for tone/consistency/focus. Kevin has promised to read the draft tonight; we'll discuss it tomorrow on the plane to California (if not before), and then I'll do any necessary revisions based on his suggestions before sending it out to other readers. And then I'll go on to Part II.

At least, that's what I think will happen. I reserve the right to change my mind at any juncture.

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