Killed my diet…

Killed my diet yesterday, but oh, so happily. Dinner with Beth at Blue Fin, had yummy sushi and a pineapple-champagne-vodka martini, followed by tiramisu at Caffe de Lucca. Mmmm... I think I had 2000 calories in one meal. Oof. Beth and I talked a little about the possibility of doing a joint photo exhibit at Kriti or in a cafe; we're both moderately obsessed with doors and windows, and we have photos of them from all over the place. Varied sizes, uniform matting and frames. Might be cool. We'll see.

Was a fairly mellow day otherwise. Churned through a bunch of Kriti planning work, cleaned some more, hung up some more photos and other art that have been sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, for weeks. I like art. Before dinner, did a v. quick photoshoot for Bibi Magazine -- they solved the problem of getting me a top that fit by giving me one that would have fit a horse -- it was huge! But draped reasonably well, so maybe it wasn't entirely obvious how large it was...

Today, I have a 2:30 meeting up at Kellogg with someone who may give us advice on corporate fundraising, and this evening I have a phone interview for the SF Chronicle, I think. (Not quite sure.) Other than that, write. Need to finish those two scenes, at least. I've figured out what one of them is -- Shefali and Louisa going shopping for men's clothes and accessories to make her apartment look like a guy lives there. Though perhaps the easiest way to make it look like a guy lives there is to just trash the place, leave dirty plates on the floor, a zillion water glasses everywhere, dingy underwear in the bathroom...

Just kidding.


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  1. Mary Anne,

    If you are going to be in Evanston, I’ll probably be working at a great Cafe near the NU campus, Cafe Mud (which is just east of the Foster purple line stop). Nice big cafe if you want to stop by and write there after your meetings.


  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Sadly not today, I think — after my meeting, I have to do a bunch of running around for the thesis office, with tomorrow the deadline. Faxing, Fed Ex’ing, it’s all madness…

  3. Oh well – I haven’t yet made it up there myself today – but I do try to be there on Tuesdays and Thursdays – and have extended an open invitation for people to join me there, it is a bit out of the way but in part that helps me get away from local errands and focus more on work at hand.


  4. Hey MA,

    Just decided to browse your journal to find out how your party went. And duty compels me to make this clarification:

    A “pineapple-champagne-vodka martini” is a contradiction in terms. A martini does not include pineapple. It does not include champagne. And it does not–despite the vigorous efforts of vodka-loving revisionists everywhere–contain vodka.

    The other day I saw a magazine article on cocktail parties that quite unblushingly gave a recipe for a “classic martini” made with vodka. Bad enough they should identify that as a “classic” martini, but they didn’t even hint that somewhere, once, in the dim mists of time, a martini was something other than a shot of cold vodka. See what I mean about revisionists? They’re wily. And they will stop at nothing to advance their peculiar agendas.

    Black is white. The earth is flat. The holocaust never happened. Martinis are made with vodka.

    If they say it often enough, maybe people will start believing it. Maybe people will forget that things were ever any other way.

    Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed your meal. And your–ahem–champagne cocktail.

    -Arthur(gin, vodka, and two olives)E

  5. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Yes, dear. 🙂

    I was only reporting what the restaurant called it. If you would like to complain to them, please direct your comments to Blue Fin, Chicago. 🙂

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