Just two cute party…

Just two cute party photos, courtesy Jed:

l to r: Kevin, Mary Anne/Amirthi, Mirna, Daddy, Amma, Sharmi

Wish we'd gotten one with Sharmi's boyfriend Ryan too; then we'd have had the whole family, plus we would've had another white boy on the other side for balance. :-)

5 thoughts on “Just two cute party…”

  1. Cute family you’ve got there. Looking at these is almost disorienting — I’m too used to Mary Anne being the only Mary Anne in the crowd. (My brain keeps going: “Is that — no. Is that M — no.”)

    Which I guess partly goes to show why SF needs a Carl Brandon society, but also just goes to show SF needs more cute smiling people.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    And would you believe, we didn’t coordinate the colors in advance? 🙂

    David, I’m flattered that you can mistake my skinny sisters for me. 🙂

  3. David M, that’s hilarious! And my god, so much beauty! I wondered for a second that you all seemed to have worn the same colours, then I figured that you’d just picked vibrant colours that suited you. And wow, do they ever.

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