Some mornings, I open my…

Some mornings, I open my e-mail, and aside from the spam, it's full of good things. Pleasant reviews, nice notes from strangers or friends, etc. Some mornings, it's full of contentious people being difficult, and or even perfectly nice people being difficult, and I just want to go crawl back into bed and hide.

I'm going to finish reading What the Body Remembers instead. Maybe by the time I've finished it, all the difficult e-mail will have mysteriously gone away.

Emotional status update: I spent several months basically on the verge of tears all the time. After a week of quiet, and the house-moving, party-planning being finished, I'm feeling somewhat calmer. Had a long emotional conversation yesterday that I've been putting off for months because I couldn't handle it, and survived it, barely. So slowly, slowly, I improve. Though it would still be nice to have more nice e-mail in my mailbox.

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