From the NY Times, James…

From the NY Times, James Doohan's obituary:

....Mr. Stevens, the agent, said Mr. Doohan "loved the idea that he'd be in an airport and somebody from Kenya or some Middle Eastern country would come up and say, 'You're Scotty!' And he'd stop and take pictures." He even enjoyed the endless "Star Trek" conventions, Mr. Stevens said. "Some people might think, 'Ugh, the poor guy's got to sit and sign autographs.' He'd have done it for free."

A generation of engineers saw Mr. Doohan as a role model. The Milwaukee School of Engineering awarded him an honorary doctor of engineering degree in 1993. "He brought the field of engineering to the forefront of pop culture," Kathleen McCann, a spokeswoman for the school, said in an e-mail message.

When he attended a James Doohan Farewell Star Trek Convention and Tribute last summer, in a wheelchair but alert, one speaker was Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon and a "Star Trek" fan. According to accounts of the event, Mr. Armstrong said he hoped his next command would be a Federation starship and added, "If I get that command, I want a chief engineering officer like Montgomery Scott."


His family has arranged for his remains to be shot into space.

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