Morning, munchkins. Oh,…

Morning, munchkins. Oh, it's good to be home, with my own tea, my own leftovers for breakfast -- okay, Kevin's leftovers since I haven't had a chance to cook yet, but still. I think I'll make curry tonight, yum. I didn't get any writing done yesterday; just too tired to concentrate. But dealt with some of the e-mail, and with the last bits of taking stuff away from the old condo, unscrewing stuff from the walls, spackling. The closing's today, which means that we should be financially solvent again real soon now. :-)

The reading at Twilight Tales went well -- it was nice to have enough time to read an entire story; most of my readings are more like ten minutes, or five, or two. Okay, not two, but close. Supportive, attentive crowd; a pleasant place to read.

Today, I'm going to spend the morning doing some unpacking and cleaning; I'd like to get the first floor in reasonable shape (recovered from my two weeks' absence) by 1, because a nice lady from the Chicago Reader is coming by to interview me then. I should also shower and dress, since I don't think it's such a good idea to be interviewed in my t-shirt and underwear. Though it'd make an impression, I admit.

So that's the plan. Assuming I still have a brain after that, I'll try to work on the novel this afternoon. And exercise -- god, it's been weeks since I exercised, unless you count a lazy half-hour in Lisette's pool.

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