Belated entry. On the…

Belated entry. On the 3rd of July, my parents drove up to visit me at Vermont College. We walked around the college and downtown Montpelier, had dinner, and enjoyed the parade, especially the bagpipes. They brought me curry. It was good.

Ben & Jerry's is one of the highlights of downtown Montpelier. Yes, my mother is very young; she married at eighteen, and had me at nineteen.

That's Vermont College's main hall in the background. Pretty, no? And since multiple people have asked, I bought that blue shirt on sale a few weeks ago at Banana Republic. It also comes in khaki and white.

I love bagpipes.

It was their first parade. :-)

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  1. No wonder you’re so lovely! What beautiful parents with such kind faces.

    I’m enjoying your book! I went to B&N and made them dig through the back room to find the 4(!) copies they had. Not enough copies. I may go get one or two of the others to give as gifts. Then B&N will have to order more, no?

    Also, my plans for Chicago have changed. I’ll have to email you about it. I still hope we can meet up (I need you to autograph my BiM, 🙂 ).

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