It looks like I’ll be…

It looks like I'll be reading at the Wisconsin Book Festival in Madison, the weekend of Oct 14-16. More details as they emerge. :-)

The Junglescan info is depressing, since we started it at the high point, I think, right after the Boston Globe review, and it just looks like a sharp drop. I have to keep reminding myself that 6000-ish is still a good rank. Hopefully there will be other spikes.

I am also sad about my one reader review on Amazon, which is pretty negative. :-( :-( :-( I keep thinking that this is what people new to the book will see (have already seen) when they come to the page. Ick.

But still, overall, happy.

3 thoughts on “It looks like I’ll be…”

  1. That’s unfortunate, but I suppose inevitable to a certain extent. The reader obviously has a preference for some of your work. But you are a multifaceted author, my dear, and every great artist will lose fans as she continues to push herself, just as she gains new ones.

    I’ve read a great deal of your work in many stages and nothing has ever struck me as either dull or phony. But on the bright side, think how pleasant the experience will be for those readers with now lowered expectations. There’s nothing worse than building something up too much. Once they experience your brilliance first hand, they will see how silly this person’s opinion is.

  2. There ya go. A much nicer review (and i really was NOT trying to write a nice one, i just liked the book the book that much).

    Why does that first reviewer remind me of the kind of (metrosexual) guy who talks about bands saying stuff like “you know they were SOO much better when they were just playing small gigs, you know, before they sold out and became commercial” (admittedly i HAVE said that about some bands *cough*metallica*cough*)

    anyway, s/he was dead wrong about the book.. i loved it, and my copy is getting rather tattered because its doing the rounds through my friends (glowing reviews from them too). next time you come down you can autograph it, curry stains and all.

    all the best


  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I like having friends who refer to my ‘brilliance’ in an offhand manner. 🙂 Thanks for the boost, P.

    And Suchetha, *thank you* for knocking that nasty review off the top of the page. A huge relief, and I think it’ll be good for readers to have the perspective of a local on the book too.

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