To clarify, while I was…

To clarify, while I was told at some point that July 1st was my launch date, the book appears to actually be showing up in bookstores on July 5th. It's a mystery. But that's when you can buy it.

In the meantime, you can listen to the summer book reviews on NPR's Day to Day with Karen Grigsby Bates, who apparently had some really nice things to say about Bodies in Motion (even if she called me Mary Jane Mohanraj), including, "This was beautifully written, very nicely done." All of this info courtesy Jason Lundberg, since I can't seem to make my computer listen to the clip. Sadness.

I also hear that the TimeOut Chicago review and interview is out, and also says nice things. I am feeling a bit cut off from civilization, here in the wilds of Vermont, but it is awfully pretty here, which is some consolation.

Actually, I just re-read the e-mail from Gavin, and he said that he got the PDF pages of TimeOut with the review of Kelly's book, so maybe the issue isn't out yet. Confusing. Not sure.

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