Kevin has taken to…

Kevin has taken to leaving me little e-mail notes while I'm sleeping for things to add to my to-do list. Last night's went like this:
  • Get refill of pills before leaving.
  • Talk to plumber about the safety of our hose set-up.
  • Call handyman guy to set up a time.
  • Eat your mango before it disappears.
And this is maybe only funny if you know that we have had a severe mango crisis in this household for the last few months, because the mangoes in the store have not been ripe, and so I buy them, thinking that I will wait until they ripen and then eat them, and every single time, even when he promises me that he won't, at some point before they're ripe, in the middle of the night Kevin just eats them anyway, and I never never never get to have mangoes, and yesterday we managed to find an actually-ripe mango at the store perfect for my dessert which I then didn't eat last night because I was so tired I just fell asleep, so you can see why getting this note this morning made me laugh out loud.

Even when he's sleeping, he makes me happy.

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