Morning, munchkins. I…

Morning, munchkins. I was out walking for eight hours yesterday. My feet still hurt.

But the upshot of all that (well, plus getting lots of small errands done) is the beginnings of a real garden, so I suppose it's worth it. I planted my bare root climbers last night, and once I finish this entry, I'm going to go plant some more. Bedding roses at the base of the climbers, to lend some early color, I think. A crimson hybrid tea rose in its own special pot. A dark red clematis, already tall and gorgeously blooming. For the terrace, blue delphinium, white columbine, blue lobelia. And I'll repot my hanging white mini roses in nicer baskets.

Now all we need is a chair up on the deck so that we can actually sit there and enjoy the garden. :-)

Many more small errands today, but luckily, I can do most of them without leaving my chair. I only have to go out once, which is good, because it's insanely hot in Chicago right now. This weather may actually make me happy to go to Vermont. Probably not, though, since I do not want to leave my boy, or my new house, which is only just starting to feel like home. (30 boxes to go...)

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