I was delighted to hear…

I was delighted to hear that NPR's "Day To Day" will include Bodies In Motion in a segment about summer books, to air in the next week or two. Also just heard that it's a BookSense August Notable Pick! :-) I'm not certain whether that's the same kind of thing as this list for June -- if so, it's a pretty short list, and a very good thing. And if it's another list (maybe the Notables are separate from the actual Picks?), it's still a good thing. :-)

For those of you eagerly following my publicity -- I'm guessing some of the writers among you are, at any rate -- here's some of what else is in the works:

  • LA Times / Assigned for Review, date tk
  • Time Out Chicago / Feature (done); to run in early July
  • Bibi Magazine / review; date tk
  • India Currents Magazine / Review, July Issue
  • AsianWeek / Review, date tk
  • USA Today / Summer Reading Round-Up, May 26
  • Tour Available on Titlenet
I heart my publicist, Michael McKenzie. He's done some good work there. Yay, Michael! I'm not sure what the last item means, but I'm sure it's something good.

I am just imagining what the review in Bibi (Indian bridal magazine) will look like... :-)

On another note altogether, I was mightily amused by the finger in the throat book review, link thanks to Gwenda Bond. It's only funny until it happens to my book, of course. Luckily, she appears to be focusing on white men writing about sex and Asia. A narrow escape.

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  1. And speaking of sex and Orientalism, do you think the same designer did your cover and the cover of Nedjma’s The Almond?

    (I almost want to say that’s the same typeface as on your original green leafy cover, too, but I’m probably remembering it wrong.)

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