The greyness has been…

The greyness has been coming and going all day, with sun appearing here and there, unexpectedly, with a strong breeze throughout (as aforementioned) and what feels like about 75 degree weather. In other words, a perfect perfect summer day, at least from my point of view. I went out for a bit to run errands (I have some actual groceries now, like bread in my cupboard and butter in my fridge), and it was glorious, being out in that weather. And now, at home, my comfy chair is perfectly positioned to catch both sun and wind, which is not ideal for typing (glare on screen), but such a temptation to while away a summer early evening with a good book and a nice cup of peppermint tea.

I do need to do some more work today, but maybe I'll read for just a little bit first. I picked up Haroun and the Sea of Stories again this morning, and while the beginning is just as delightful as I remembered (Jed, if you haven't read it, I think this is exactly the kind of book that cheers you up), I find that I have actually forgotten the middle, and the end. Clearly time to read it least a little of it, at any rate.

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  1. I have read Haroun, but my memories of it are very hazy; I remember liking it (and in particular, liking it rather more than Neverending Story, which is somehow in the same mental category for me), but I don’t remember how much I liked it. Maybe I’ll take another look at it; I think I’ve got a copy downstairs. Thanks for the recommendation!

    …I just looked at the opening page on Amazon (easier than going downstairs 🙂 ), and it’s thoroughly charming. “There was once, in the country of Alifbay, a sad city, the saddest of cities, a city so ruinously sad that it had forgotten its name. It stood by a mournal sea full of glumfish….” Very nice.

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