Nice review — thanks to…

Nice review -- thanks to Shannon for finding it for me:

"Mohanraj, who was born in Sri Lanka but has spent most of her life in the U.S., completed her graduate work at the University of Utah. The linked stories in Bodies in Motion flow through generations and continents, from Sri Lanka to America and back again, and every character Mohanraj depicts could easily command rapt attention through an entire novel. Each story is a tiny snapshot into an enormous choice, whether it's upholding gender roles and arranged marriages, or risking family and reputation to follow one's heart. Some themes remain constant -- no matter generation, gender, or birthplace, everyone quests for love, a sense of completion, and home. Not surprisingly for a writer of erotic fiction, Mohanraj has crafted a poignant, luminous, and sensual family chronicle." -- Inkslinger Newsletter, King's English Bookstore, SLC, UT

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  1. I especially like how it is not surprising “for a writer of erotic fiction [to craft] a poignant, luminous, and sensual family chronicle.” It’s a long way down the road from wailing about how sex writing had no literary merit — either that or someone didn’t proofread very well, but I prefer my interpretation.

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