Well, the stabbing…

Well, the stabbing knives in my throat cough appears to have been replaced by a phlegmy cough with sneezing -- a little more disgusting, but infinitely less painful, so I'm grateful. I overdid it a bit yesterday, out all day at various events, and was weepingly weary by the time I went to bed, but it was a good day nonetheless, and I got to meet Nilofer's new beau, who looked quite dashing in his cricket whites, having just come from a game that was apparently a complete rout (in his side's favor). I am pleased to note that he is a LotR fan; apparently, he is required by his team to give Aragorn's big speech (at the gates) at the start of each game, and does so in rousing fashion. Definitely a point in his favor. Possibly two points.

Celebrating Nilofer's birthday belatedly, we ate at Spring, which did quite well on the more delicate dishes, like a tuna tartare appetizer and a salmon mousse tortellini in a dandelion-miso broth, but did not do as well on sturdier stuff -- the scallop and potato ravioli were over-salted (not to mention that I do not expect 'potato ravioli' to actually mean 'Yukon gold potato chips') and the mustard sauce on the crab cakes was entirely too mustard-y. The little complimentary jasmine-hot-chocolate ending the meal was lovely, though. Considering the price (quite high), 3 stars out of 5. It's two blocks from our new apartment, so I may end up eating there again, and just choosing my selections carefully.

Today, gazillion errands. Running around the city. At least the weather will be better (sunny 60 degrees) than yesterday's dismal high of 50. Is this summer? I don't think so. I suppose I should bite my tongue, though, since soon enough, I will be complaining about the unbearable heat.

NOTE: Neil Gaiman has apparently caught my cold. Sadly, I don't remember doing anything that might have communicated it to him. :-)

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