I went to bed at 10 p.m….

I went to bed at 10 p.m. and woke up at 6 a.m.! Now I'm just praying that I can do it again tonight...

Yesterday was a fun day; board games with Kevin and Alex and Jordan and Todd and Darren (friend of Alex I hadn't met before who seems quite nice), mostly a suprisingly fun one called Modern Art, interspersed with a few rounds of Bughouse. Todd is an incredibly good chess player, so if I'm his partner, I can usually just barely manage to not die long enough for him to tromp his opponent. Occasionally I make a stupid move and hang an important piece, but not so often.

Lots of cooking, lots of eating. Spicy sausage, devilled cashews, bagels with cream cheese and lox and tomato and red onion, spinach-onion-swiss quiche, Thai shrimp-mint-basil salad, berry-oatmeal crumble a la mode, love cake, chocolates. An oddly-assorted spread, but somehow, it's what we ended up with. Worked well enough, and the crumble was especially popular.

In the evening, dinner out with Alex and some people he works with at Smith & Wolensky. Food was mostly fine, but mine is yummier. And their mixed salad was pathetic -- iceberg lettuce with a watery tasteless dressing. Sad. Crashed afterwards.

Today, Alex is around until 2-ish, as is another friend of his whose name I can't remember who crashed here last night because her other plans got fershimmelled. But they're still asleep, so at least for now, I work. And then afterwards, I work some more. I'm still not caught up on work (teaching and SLF and DesiLit), which is frustrating me and I think leading me to get cranky with Kevin in the evenings for things which aren't his fault. It's better if I just get caught up on the work and then I can get back to writing and be all sunshine and light for him all the time. :-)

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  1. Hey, if you like team chess, take a look at Forchess. A little while ago I played in an example game in the forchess yahoo group (linked near the bottom of that page), asking questions about the game as it went along and getting good answers. (I disavow any credit for my team’s win.)

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