Groggy. Still on a…

Groggy. Still on a weird schedule; I couldn't stay up past 6:30 last night, and woke up at 2:30 a.m. Creeping forward to normal in half-hour increments. I have dinner plans with Sapna tonight, though, and a phone meeting with Sachin at 8 p.m., so hopefully that'll help me get back to normal. Either that, or I'll just be asleep on the phone call.

Having a slow morning; spent a few hours just catching up on tv, Gilmore Girls and the like. I'm also re-reading Calvino's The Baron in the Trees, realizing that while Calvino's prose is of course lovely, and his social commentary sharp and amusing, much of the pleasure of the book comes from the same place that pleasure comes from in Robinson Crusoe or The Swiss Family Robinson or Little House on the Prairie or sf colonization stories -- watching someone try to survive in a strange place, with limited resources. Will they make it? How do they manage? Funny how I didn't notice that the first time around.

Posted a review of Colpetty People, which I recommend, if you can get a hold of it -- fun summer reading. Snarky, charming, sweet. Also introduced Ashok via e-mail to my agent; I'm hoping Bob will take him on and find the book wider circulation through an American publisher. Fingers crossed. Bob did sign a friend of mine recently, N., one of my classmates from Utah and a very talented writer. I hope he sells her book soon!

Next tasks -- clean up a bit, then student packets. At 1 p.m., I'm supposed to be downtown, meeting Isabeau Wilce for lunch -- she's from sf/f circles, a friend of friends and newly moved to Chicago. Should be fun. I plan to spend the afternoon after lunch just sitting in Borders and reading -- but I'm only allowed to do that if I work hard for the next five hours. So...

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  1. Bob hasn’t quite signmed me yet. He’s VERY interested but I’m revising like mad to shape the novel a bit. I’ll keep you posted via Mary Anne’s site.
    Thanks for your support Mary Anne!

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