Still awake, and…

Still awake, and chugging mightily through my backlogged e-mail. Quite a few urgent tasks that needed doing today, including getting an EIN# for DesiLit, required for our CAAP grant. Lots of scheduling stuff, too -- in addition to the New York thing, I booked travel for the ten days in Vermont for the start of the next semester, and talked to Alex about his coming out here this weekend (for business) and possibly staying with us.

In the process, he gave me some news -- he and Ajna are engaged, planning to get married in Aug/Sept-ish. Exciting! I'm really happy for him, though of course I do always find it a bit disconcerting when one of my exes gets married. Alex is a serious ex too, the kind where you think, "If things had played out differently, we might have ended up together." An odd sort of thought, and misleading too, since I actually think we would have driven each other crazy even if we had stayed together. Ajna's a lovely girl, and a very talented photographer, and Alex seems really happy with her. So yay!

Still haven't managed to start laundry -- just drowning in the e-mails. But slowly, slowly, we make progress.

Still sleepy.

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