April 17th I took very…

April 17th I took very easy indeed. Went down for breakfast, late enough that I could skip lunch. Finished reading the Gwyneth Jones, v. good. Made me insecure about my threesome novel; her threesome has way more overt conflict and angst. Wondered if my characters are all too repressed and/or polite. Came back to my room and watched tv. Napped. Talked to Karina briefly; she'd called to say that she was home safe. Told her I was still sick, but feeling a little better -- the ibuprofen seemed to be managing the pain. Karina was worried that it was something serious; I told her if I didn't get better soon, I'd go see a doctor. She came up with various ominous-sounding things it could be. I tried to reassure her.

I did leave my room at some point to go out and try to buy a cell phone card with more minutes for my phone, but all the nearby shops were closed on Sunday. They close a lot around here. If I remember right, it was much the same in Zurich -- other countries apparently aren't as willing as America is to make people work on nights and weekends. I can applaud from a humanitarian point of view, but I am American enough to be impatient when I can't get what I want, when I want it. I had dinner in my room -- a burger and fries and a chocolate milkshake, because I was homesick. Galle Face Hotel makes excellent fries, irresistible. I talked to my mom for a while, telling her about the trip so far. And then I went to sleep around ten.

I woke up at midnight with really sharp pains in my abdomen, realized I'd now been sick for three days, and freaked out. Called Kevin and whimpered at him about it. Particularly frustrating to be so far away from him when sick -- even if he jumped on a plane immediately, it'd be almost two days before he could be here. I hated that. I wasn't thinking straight; couldn't figure out what the right thing to do was. Go to an emergency room? Wait 'til morning and see a doctor? Kevin told me to call Roshani or Mirna and get a diagnosis, which made a lot of sense. So I did.

According to Roshani, there were plenty of scary things it could be (cholera, PID, dengue fever, an ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, etc. and so on), but given my complete lack of fever and the fact that the pain wasn't localized on one side or the other (and not as high as my liver), it was almost certainly not actually any of those things. It was probably just typical traveller's GI problems, manifesting in a slightly unusual way. I was instructed to eat very plain foods, drink lots of fluids, take a reasonable amount of painkillers as needed, and rest.

I called Kevin back and told him the good news. I had had some more ibuprofen before first calling him, and by that point was feeling better and definitely less panicked. The pain had subsided to a dull ache, and I once again felt like I could cope. He had spent the intervening time poking around on the net, and confirmed Roshani's diagnosis (if you can trust the net -- I trust Dr. Roshani more :-). I said goodnight, read a little of a fat fantasy novel, and around 2-ish, fell asleep again.

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