Some of the travel…

Some of the travel difficulties are my own fault -- somehow I thought Karina was arriving a day later than she is, so a good chunk of yesterday was spent frantically rebooking so that she had a place to stay when she arrived! She gets in a day earlier than me now, and I know she's very competent and able to take care of herself, but I still fret. I want to be sure the hotel is taking care of her. It all seems settled and confirmed now, but it required a few transatlantic phone calls to make it happen with all due speed.

Other than that, everything's pretty much done aside from student write-ups, which I'm still working on. I also have a phone call scheduled with Bob to find out what he thought of draft two of the novel. That's about it until 6-ish, when Kevin drives me to the airport, so I'll be quietly working at home. If I finish early, I might duck out to Borders to pick up a few fantasy novels, just in case, but if there isn't time, I think that'll be okay.

My current plan is to spend part of my time at Heathrow wandering around and taking photos, and I'll almost certainly get a t-mobile day pass connection, so you might even get an update with pictures then. If not, I arrive in Colombo at 3:40 on the 5th, and might not get online again until the 6th. I'd ideally love to post a picture a day from my trip, but I don't know how feasible that's going to be.

Set your clocks ahead, especially if you're getting on an international flight and don't want to miss your plane. :-)

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