Strange day. Found out…

Strange day. Found out this morning that we may be changing the cover for BiM; I'll tell you more when we've made a decision about it. Essentially, there's a concern that while it's attractive, it's not so communicative of the book's contents. I got really thrown by it; discombobulated for much of the day. Marjorie also told me that she wouldn't have a chance to read my novel over the weekend before I saw her next week (which I didn't really think she would, but I was hoping), so I decided there was no point in rushing to finish the revision today. Sunday will do fine. So that's good, to have more time, but bad, to mess with my internal schedule.

Still dealing with feeling strange from the immunization meds. And it's odd, being asked to be away from my home for six hours while it's being shown. I love my home. If I could just add another room to it and a window that faced south or west, I would never leave it again. I looked at an apartment, not so impressed, found that another place was closed today, and then went to Westgate cafe. Revised for a while, then my sister met me for lunch, which was nice, although I mostly spent lunch stressing out at her, poor thing. Then she dropped me at the visa office, where I picked up my visa, which it turns out is good for multiple transit-only entries to the U.K. for the next five years, so I'm less resentful of the $42. That was good.

Then I meant to go to Borders to read and work, but I was somehow drawn to Marshall Fields next door, where they were having their big semi-annual sale, and I'm a sucker for a sale. I wandered the store in something of a daze for...hours, I think. I should've just sat down somewhere and read my book. I did end up with one great deal, a $50 sweater for $5, but I'm not sure that justifies three hours of tiring shopping. I don't even think I had fun. It was a compulsion, brought on by the "30% off clearance items" signs. They're evil.

Just came home, and I mostly want to just collapse. But I told Purvi yesterday that I'd join her and Deepak for garba (Gujarati folk) dancing at UIC tonight. She'll be here in ten minutes or so. Oh, I'm feeling too old for this.

I'm not sure what the point of this entry is. I suppose just that it's been an odd day, and I'm in a weird mood -- almost a bad mood, but not quite. Hovering on the edge. Maybe dancing will help. Or maybe it'll tip me right over the edge, dumping me on my ass in the middle of a wickedly bad mood. We'll just have to wait and see.

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