No revisions yet — a…

No revisions yet -- a pile of urgent deadlines got in the way. For my imminent Sri Lanka trip, I needed to schedule vaccinations (tomorrow, ugh) and request a U.K. transit visa (in process). For Bodies in Motion, I had to do the final pass edits, which sadly involved cutting an entire poem, since I couldn't get the permission to reprint it. Also fixing a serious error in the long name of the LTTE, and some section breaks in "Minal in Winter", plus ok'ing various minor edits (mostly inserting or removing commas). Impressed yet again at how thorough a major house's copyediting is. Still need to send in one permission form for the other poem included, but that should be fine, since I do have the translator's permission already; I just need the publisher, which happens to be HC, to sign off on it. Doing that next.

And finally, I'm in the midst of trying to get re-registered at Utah as a continuing student -- long saga, but the point being that we'd really rather not start paying off my student loans until I actually graduate, which won't be until summer, when I can send the thesis office a copy of my book to fulfill their requirements. To make that happen, I need my department to actually create a new course listing for me, under thesis hours, and have the start date after today; they're looking into it. Hopefully they can make that happen. Oh, and I went and looked at a house, and picked up groceries, and dry-cleaning. It'll be good to actually cook -- we've been so hectic the last few days that we've been eating a lot of takeout; I think I've gained two pounds in the last week, and to be honest, I mostly like our cooking better than the restaurants' anyway.

Whew. So now I'm going to file that permission form, and eat lunch, and wake up Kevin, and then I settle in to do some revision, finally.

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