So, a crazy day. Kevin…

So, a crazy day. Kevin woke around 11, and we spent a while looking at listings again, trying to decide if there were any we wanted to try to see before he went out of town on Wednesday. Nothing jumped out at us, but many seemed workable, which was reassuring if we were going to go with the plan of selling our place first. At 12:07 Kev looked up and said, "Hey, weren't you supposed to have lunch with Farah today?" And I promptly freaked out. I was supposed to meet Farah at noon, at the Apple Store, and take her to lunch -- she's just in the States briefly. She had no cell phone. So I threw on clothes (no shower), threw on a coat, forgot my wallet, went back for my wallet, jumped in a cab, and made it to the Apple Store by about 12:35. Luckily, she was still most patiently waiting for me. Whew!

We had a lovely lunch at Silver Spoon, which does Thai, Japanese, and a few Thai-Japanese fusion dishes. I hadn't eaten there before; everything was good, from pad thai to papaya salad, but what really kicked ass were the green curry rolls. Oh my god. Tempura shrimp, sweet egg, avocado, wrapped in rice, drizzled generously with a rich Thai green curry, with some additional sweet sauce (the kind they use for unagi, I think) on the side. Utterly delicious. I wasn't hungry, but I couldn't stop eating them. A great conversation; I talked Farah into being one of the readers for my novel, which pleases me. And then we walked many blocks down to Roosevelt, or almost there -- settled in at the Rain Dog cafe with chai (me) and double espresso (her), compulsively checked e-mail (both of us) due to free WiFi, and isn't that going to be nice when I start work in the fall, having free WiFi right next door in a lovely little cafe? Eventually we were joined by Gary Wolfe, and we had a nice chat, talking about what I'll be teaching in the next year (Gary works in the Provost's office at Roosevelt) and how, if I do end up teaching science fiction writing next summer, as seems likely, we might be able to find some funds to bring in local and non-local writers and editors to the class. All good.

At 3-ish, I excused myself to go back to revising. Worked until 5, finished Chapter 14. Came home, cleaned up, and at 6:30 Kev and I met with Dave, our realtor guy, and signed the papers. Our condo is officially on the market, or will be tomorrow, at any rate. Eep. We could be homeless within a week. :-) Now comes the 'keep it really really clean all the time' part...

Now I'm back to revising, heading into Chapter 15. May not finish it tonight, as there's a lot to do, and I'm a bit sleepy already. Pretty packed day!

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