Cleaned the kitchen (one…

Cleaned the kitchen (one more load of dishes to go, but we're getting there) and dealt with the most immediate backlog of e-mail. Feeling much calmer now. All the little tasks that I'd fallen behind in were really pressing at me. I have a pleasant one ahead -- writing a check to Andrea Hairston for her grant. :-) And then grading.

I ended up rescheduling my lunch with Shailja; it was just too hectic, and I was worried about being late to the house showing. We'll meet up next week, and it will be good. After the showing, I think Kev and I need to come back here and deal with paperwork -- somehow, we've ended up with papers everywhere in the last few weeks; disassembled our filing system, and now we need to reassemble it. I lost my contracts folder for several months, which was quite stressful, but it recently turned up again, yay! :-) I need to do taxes too. I leave town on March 22nd, essentially for a month and a half, so I'm starting to think about all the things that really have to be finished before May. Lots, and it's tempting to get stressed again. But intstead, I'm going to drink some tea, write Andrea's check, read another quick chapter of R.K. Narayan's Man-Eater of Malgudi, and then do my grading.

I refuse to get stressed out, even when I think about the fact that I haven't done any revision in five days and I had hoped to have this draft done by March 22, if not sooner. It'll happen when it happens, and somehow it'll be fine.

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  1. I have just noticed something amusing. The times you post entries are noted in Central time; whereas the times anyone, you included, post comments, are noted in Eastern time. Someone’s subtle joke?

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