Working in Westgate cafe…

Working in Westgate cafe this afternoon, with David Lewis scribbling beside me. Friends are nice. They get you out of the house.

I had a long conversation with Janet Wondra this morning, about an hour and a half of interesting chat. You'll be hearing her name a lot -- Janet's the administrator of the creative writing program at Roosevelt, so I'll be working with her closely. We've confirmed that I'll be teaching S. Asian Lit. to upper-level undergrads this fall (probably Mon 2 - 4:30) and Fiction 1 to grad students (probably Mon 6 - 8:30). I like having all my teaching together; it lets me get into and stay in teaching head. Now, I'll be at Roosevelt at least one other day of the week, fulfilling my administrative responsibilities; that's looking like it'll either be Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, and some weeks, probably both. Which then means that I'll having Thurs/Fri/Sat to concentrate on my writing. A very good schedule, I think; I'm looking forward to it.

We also talked about some possibilities for Spring and Summer. This isn't locked down yet, but I'll probably be teaching an Online Magazine Publishing course in the spring; we're considering creating an online counterpart to their literary magazine, the Oyez Review, possibly with a different name. I know how to do that! :-) We may add some elements that take real advantage of the net -- audio clips of poets reading their work, visual art, maybe even tiny film clips. Coolness. I may also be teaching a course for Women's Studies, in Erotica, Pornography, and Censorship -- if that happens, I'll have to go back to my grad school notes and bone up on my feminist theory. It's been a few years since I've thought much about that sort of thing, though Kathryn Stockton gave me a pretty solid grounding in it at one point. And then we're hoping that I'll be able to teach an 8-week workshop this summer in speculative fiction, one that might be open to people who aren't necessarily enrolled in the MFA program. Sort of like Clarion, but not really. :-)

It all sounds good, and Roosevelt is also going to be co-sponsoring Kriti. So a productive day. Now I need to go write up a course description for my S. Asian literature course -- just as soon as I finish my student packet response...

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