Definitely going to be…

Definitely going to be in New York, Tues 3/22 - Fri 3/25. Tuesday evening, I'm going to Pooja's book reading and then having coffee and dessert with a bunch of S. Asian writer/artist chicks; should be much fun. Wednesday, meetings all day with editor, agent, publicist, and Radhika Singh, of Breakthrough TV, who is hopefully going to help plan some sort of NY book event for me in mid-August. Free for dinner -- need to remind myself who I know in New York. And Thursday morning, looks like I'll be taping for American Desi, a satellite tv show. Not on a channel we get, sadly. I'm tempted to start freaking out about being on tv and how I need to lose six pounds in three weeks, but honestly, I don't have time to freak out right now. I have a book to write. So they'll just have to take me as I am. :-)

I have to note briefly, that when we went up to Devon to get spices, I also picked up frozen hoppers and stringhoppers, which I have been *very restrained with*, considering that I would happily gorge on them. Mmm....just had some for breakfast with leftover fish curry; food fit for the gods, and pretty healthy too.

Thursday afternoon, Kev and I take the train to CT to spend a day and night at my parents' house. Friday, I fly home for a brief rest, before leaving insanely early Sunday morning 3/27 for a few days in the Bay Area, followed by AWP in Vancouver. And then, Sri Lanka for a month.

Would stay and chat, but I utterly failed to get any writing done yesterday; I blame dealing with finances. Kevin and I spent an ungodly amount of time going over our entire budget, considering stuff like whether we want to pay off my student loans this year, or buy a house, or buy a bigger house, or wait a year, etc. and so on. The sort of thing that makes my brain curl up in the shell of my skull, quietly shrieking. It wasn't so bad, actually, but I really am terrible with this stuff. Dealing with any amount of money over a few thousand just triggers my tendency to zone out. It's a good thing I have Kev. And an agent.

Write, write, write. And do laundry. That's what I'm good at.

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