I need to revise Chapter…

I need to revise Chapter 11 today, but I'm having a hard time getting started. I've spent the last hour cleaning and watering plants and even pruning a bit, which was restful, soothing. I was in a fretful mood last night, worrying about how many ongoing tasks I have at the moment, things left open that I can't seem to close off yet. I'm really happiest when I'm checking tasks off my little list... That mopey mood has carried over to this morning, though not quite as darkly as last night. I think I'm going to start working on my Vermont student packets, since I can't seem to focus on my own writing yet. Their second sets were due yesterday, though a few requested extensions. Always nice when they're requested in advance, rather than just having the work handed in late. Makes it a lot easier for me to plan my schedule, for one thing...

I don't want to work. I want to just sit and stare out the window, or at the tv. But I know if I do that for too long, I'll just end up even mopier. Any suggestions, guys? What are your cures for the blues?

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  1. My cure for the blues is always music, happy cheerful music. For example right now I’m listening to Aretha Franklin, RESPECT. Put some music, dance around always works for me! Hope you feel better! Have a wonderful day!

  2. My cures for the blues are a couple of things.

    First – getting out of the house and someplace different, best being someplace new or where I haven’t been for a while – basically something to get myself out of a rut.

    Second – I often look for really spicy food. For me my comfort food of choice when I’m in a bit of the blues is really spicy Korean (and thankfully one of my favorite sources for it is open 24hrs)

    Third – I make a list of all the very specific tasks I have to do (sometimes this doesn’t help as the list gets really long, but usually the mere act of writing the list down relieves tension that builds up from the fear that I will forget something critical)

    Then with the list I start trying to attack it to get items done which I can check off – something about the physical act of checking items off (I usually also note when I did them) is very satisfying.

    In a related point I very often find myself in a blue mood when piles and clutter have gotten somewhat out of control. Just going through a few piles, putting things into better order and then taking care of the items I find in the piles – sending RSVP’s, paying bills, deciding about subscriptions, replies to letters etc can relieve a lot of tension…


  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. I’ve done some of that already. Been dosing myself with the iTunes ‘favorites’ playlist, which was the first thing that actually kept me from sinking into a total funk. Utterly necessary medicine. Cleaned up the kitchen and the clutter next, and closed the door on the room that’s still cluttered, so the space I’m in is pretty good. Wrote a to-do list for Kriti stuff (not just for me, but for other people) and posted it. That helped, I think. And after I take one more stab at reviewing student work — haven’t managed it yet, just idle web-browsing — was planning on making spicy potato curry. Mood still dark, but not dismal. Not getting worse, at any rate.

  4. Sounds like you are on your way… but I do recommend the make a list for your self and then cross items off as you finish them. Something very satisfying with each line you draw (I tend to write these out on paper and then draw a strong line through the items as I finish them – a physical act that helps define the task as done…

  5. Would it be impolite to refer you to comment number 3 to the entry number 2638, of February 3? After correcting the spelling, of course.

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