Okay, my sleep schedule…

Okay, my sleep schedule is just wacky. Fell asleep around midnight, woke up around 4. Oh well -- better than not sleeping at all.

Progress continues on choosing the Kriti keynote speaker. I find this whole budgeting thing irritating -- dealing with money is not my strong point. It's really not clear whether we'll be able to invite 10 authors, or 15, or 20. I'm budgeted safely for 10 right now; I'd prefer to have a solid 20, but that's a pretty large chunk of money, since we're trying to give as many out-of-state authors as we can honoraria, and I just don't have much idea whether 20-authors-worth is actually reasonable in terms of anticipated ticket sales. Once we lock down a keynote, we can do some serious publicity for pre-registered tickets; if I get 100 of those, then I can invite more authors. We'll see what happens. At some point, we'll just have to declare that we've given out as many honoraria as we can this year, and then see if anyone else wants to be a panelist without honoraria. There isn't the same convention culture that there is in SF circles, so I'm just not sure how writers will respond. We'll have a few editors there, though, which may help.

Still too early and too sleepy to write, so a bit more tv for now. Then tea, breakfast, revising. I revised chapter 9 yesterday, and I'm actually hoping to get chapter 10 and 11 done today, mostly because chapter 10 is in pretty good shape already, I think. I'm hoping to finish today's writing work by about 1 p.m. May try to swing by Angeli's birthday cake thing at the Huttenbar, then Kev and I are going to make a run up to Devon for Indian groceries. I'm out of chili powder, dried coconut, and low on cumin seed and tamarind paste. And of course, there's always more lovely stuff one can get up there. Papadums. Samosas. Maybe some frozen hoppers, if I'm lucky....

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  1. THANK YOU! Latin plurals and their correct use (honorarium/honoraria) make me happy. When they are ignored, I am irritated far beyond their actual significance. I appreciate being humored.

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