So, I didn’t sleep last…

So, I didn't sleep last night. I lay in bed for a long time, half-dozing, but never quite falling asleep. I'm not sure why -- I don't have anything to be tense about, now that I have a job. Maybe just too excited to sleep? There's a lot going on right now. Finally gave up on sleep around 3 a.m. and got up, to watch last night's Smallville and Project Runway. Thank god for Tivo.

I knew Jay would win when I saw his collection, by the way -- while Kara Saun is tremendously talented, Jay's collection made me want to be one of those girls, wearing those clothes. Which I think is what makes a fashion collection successful -- its ability to evoke desire. Not that I know anything about fashion. (I have to admit that while Wendy personally drove me bonkers, I did think her clothes were very wearable -- the kind of romantic design I'd be drawn to in a mall store.)

I was supposed to get up this morning and write, but not sure I have the brain for it. I'll make a cup of tea in a bit and take a shot, I suppose.

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