I don’t think I’ve…

I don't think I've mentioned here that we've changed the date of the Kriti festival, in order to accommodate some of our speakers' needs. Currently, we have confirmed three panelists -- Vijay Prashad, Anjali Banerjee, and Pooja Makhijani. Exciting! Anjali and Pooja are both kids' book authors; I've just invited two kids' editors too, so I'm hoping that we'll be able to put together a very solid kids' lit panel or two. :-)

I've been working today, but mostly on e-mails for the festival and the like. Really need to write. Going to try again now.

One quick note, though -- I've already talked to her on the phone, but just in case y'all didn't know, it's Karen Meisner's birthday today! Everyone who knows her, go say happy birthday! :-)

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