Jed set up a Movable…

Jed set up a Movable Type blog for me, and I promptly messed it up so that I can't log in. Now I have to wait for him to wake up and fix it before I can play with it more. Argh. Sometimes I think they shouldn't let the non-technically-adept anywhere near tech. We just bust things. (Yes, I know I still hand-code my HTML and read my e-mail in a UNIX shell account, but that's not a sign of being technically adept; that's just the result of growing up in a certain place and time in the company of geeks).

I haven't started revising part II of TA yet, but I did finally get through the Kriti stuff yesterday, so I'm not feeling too behind yet. We'll see. I finished another student response yesterday, so on track with those. I plan to do a third one today, but I also want to draft some notes for a meeting I have this afternoon.

I haven't mentioned this before, because it was all so tentative, but I have an interview this afternoon for a possible academic job at Roosevelt University, here in the city. It didn't come about through normal channels; I know someone in the department, and they're interested in what I could bring to the program. So I think we're just talking about a possible one-year appointment, if everyone likes me, but if that went well and funds permitted, then they might do a tenure-position search next year, and it could turn into something long-term. I think this would be a fun and very interesting position, and it's insanely convenient -- the Auditorium Building is at 430 S. Michigan Avenue, which is essentially ten blocks east of me. There's a bus that takes me almost door to door, or when the weather's nice, it'd be a good walk; a bit over a mile each way, and a great way of building regular exercise into my schedule. Anyway -- I'm getting ahead of myself, and it's much more about the job itself than the commute. But keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Mary Anne,
    Since you started your academic job search, I’ve been rooting for you to be able to stay in Chicago, and I don’t even know you except throug your writing. How strange is that? Best of luck with your interview!

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