A piece in the…

A piece in the University of Utah's student newspaper on polyamory -- the women's center is going to be holding a discussion. I don't know whether it's more or less impressive that this conversation is happening in Utah.

Finished the DesiLit stuff this morning; good to finally be caught up on that -- for a few weeks, at least. I need to do one last thing for it before the next meeting, but I'm waiting on someone else's response before I can progress. Oh, wait, two more things. But both waiting on other people.

Next, go to cafe.

4 thoughts on “A piece in the…”

  1. Keep in mind that “biblical” polygamy (as opposed to modern trends in polyamory) is, and has been, of keen interest in Utah. The numerous offshoots of LDS that support (or mandate!) single-male multi-female polygamy are almost all based in Utah.

  2. It should be noted that polyamorous relationships require a lot more work than a lot of people are willing to put in. Especially since the amount of communication that has to be put in is really large.

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