We bought a treadmill…

We bought a treadmill yesterday; expensive and bulky, but we decided it was the choice most likely to result in both of us actually working out regularly. Got to put those evening tv hours to good use... :-) It's being delivered today, which is pretty exciting. Will let you know how it goes. Fitting it most efficiently into our apartment may require a severe rearrangement of the tv room, but we'll worry about that later. The plus side is that if we do end up moving all the bookshelves and such around, that's a good reason to take that opportunity to also paint the room. I have visions of a deep, lustrous red... :-)

I'm about halfway through revisions of chapter 4; if all goes well, I should finish that today. Dawn, you still willing to be a reader on this second draft? Jason? Anyone else? Fresh eyes welcome; I think it feels a lot more consistently novelistic now, so it should be a fairly pleasant read. Fingers crossed.

Kriti meeting tonight, so the main other thing is to prep for that. Also various errands that I didn't quite get to yesterday. Mirna may stop by for a while this afternoon, just to hang out, which'll be nice.

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  1. Hrmm… lemme think. Free fiction, by an author I like [both work and person], about poly… Yup. Still interested. 😉


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